I find the badge in a drawer where the things go to wait for their useful moment; where the fallow periods are so long that you forget what’s there. White text on grass-green says LONDON FUNGUS NETWORK. And I think, that’ll look nice on your cream jacket.
gonna make me an offer I can't refuse
Congratulations on being accepted to the International Consortium of Aerialists, Near-death-experiencers and Tightrope-walkers! Here at ICANT…
for those in lactose retrograde
Take a tree and stand it up inside your house. Put the wide end at the bottom, please. Put the tree in the corner of the room. Don't be surprised when…
For Dave.
We all have enough to think about. I'm not going to give examples, for fear of opening another load of tabs in your mindchrome, but you already know…
Construction Complete.
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The Eureka Project by James Mitchell